Dr. Jen Never Believed in Love At First Sight… And Then It Happened.

Dr. Jen says she never thought she believed in love at first sight. But that was before she met her husband, Dr. David Datwyler.

This sweet love story began in a lab at Oregon Health Sciences University when Dr. Jen was a dental school student. She and her best friend were sitting together in class the morning they were going to learn how to make an orthodontic retainer.

They were talking about what they were looking for in a partner when in walked their lab instructor. Dr. Jen said, “There! That’s my type.” She made the first move and, in her own words, “He didn’t have a chance.”

By the time they had been on three or four dates, she knew he was the one.

Any Moment Can Be
“The Moment”

Now, years later, they have a wonderful life together both in terms of family and vocation. Dr. Jen describes her husband professionally as “the best.” They share a lot of patients and have a good working relationship. She’s very proud of him and his practice.

The Datwylers’ love story reminds us to pay attention, because you never know when something amazing is going to happen in life.


  • Bess Laliberte says:

    Just saw this in Facebook and thought, “I know that beautiful family!”– Hello Datwylers!! Hope you remember me- I had the privilege of tutoring Reed with EES several years ago- hope you are all well!!
    All the best,
    Bess Laliberte

    • Jen Datwyler says:

      Of course we remember you! Reed is now a freshman at Jesuit HS. He is doing great! He has straight A’s this semester. Although he credits himself as being a “genius”, I know you had a hand in his early foundation.

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