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We Strongly Believe Preventative Care
Leads to Happy, Healthy Smiles… Health For Life!

We know that a child’s oral health can have a big impact on their overall health and happiness. That’s why we preform kids teeth cleaning and do everything we can to encourage healthy habits — so we can help prevent cavities and other dental issues.

Why is preventative care so important?

A child’s first dental experience often shapes their attitude toward dentistry for the rest of their life.

Cleaning and Restoration

Kids Teeth Cleaning + Holistic Dental Care

Hygiene Routine

Good oral instructions and care

Cavity Prevention

Brushing, flossing, and cleanings

What’s the Right Age?

When should my child start family dentistry visits?

What To Expect

Your Kids Dental Care Visit with Magic Smiles

Common Dental Questions

For kids and their parents

Kids Teeth Cleaning and Restoration

Through a holistic approach to medicine, we work to view each patient as a person rather than a case to be treated. Should your child need further treatment, our office uses composite-only, amalgam-free filling materials. We also offer a variety of additional services including kids teeth cleaning, sealants, spacers, and sports mouth guards. Your health deserves proper care and attention, and we know we are able to provide the best kids dental care for your child.

Hygiene Routine

It’s important to start early on good oral hygiene, because healthy baby teeth are the foundation for your child’s future dental health. Their primary teeth are important for proper chewing and eating, as well as guiding the permanent teeth into the correct position. Establishing healthy habits now can help prevent major dental issues down the road. So during regular visits, Dr. Jen will review the best hygiene routine for your child.

Cavity Prevention

Just ten years ago, cavities were a fact of life. But with today’s research and easy-to-follow professional advice, it’s actually possible for almost every child to grow up cavity-free. From good oral hygiene to dental sealants, there are many ways to reduce the likelihood of your child developing cavities. We’ll talk through which options make the most sense for your child.

When should my child see a dentist?

Proper kids dental care is vital to children’s development. Let the first tooth, which will surface between six and twelve months, remind you that it’s time to see your pediatric or general dentist. This is the advice of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Though this may seem early, 40% of toddlers between two and three have some inflammation of the gums and/or cavities. We will be happy to give you advice on tooth cleaning, pacifiers, fluoride, and preventing tooth injuries for young walkers.