Our New Website Is FINALLY Ready!

After working as an associate with Magic Smiles for 12 years, I took over the practice in March of 2018.

Even then, I had a clear idea of how I wanted my office to feel for patients and their families. So in May of 2018, we remodeled the office! And we’ve paid attention to every detail, from top of the line equipment and technology, down to the color of pens at the front desk. We want a visit to our office to be a truly a magical experience for our young patients. We want children to feel comfortable the second they step through our doors. We want this to be a fun place, every single time!

Now that the physical space feels more in line with our philosophy, I knew it was time to reflect that change on our website.

At Magic Smiles, We LOVE Working with Kids!

That’s why we spent hours and hours building this new website! Just like our office remodel, we’ve put a lot of thought and care into every detail, from creating new videos to taking new pictures — ultimately, deciding exactly how to show you online the kind of experience you can expect when you bring your child to meet us.

We want you to know that we LOVE our job.

We love working with children and turning what might have been a scary experience into something fun.

So we hope you’ll browse our website, meet our team, and get to know all of us at Magic Smiles!

This site’s strategy, design, photo & video were created by the marginally-above-average folks @ Clear Partnering Group.