From Kindergarten to College Graduation

One of the best parts about our work is that we actually love what we do. That includes both the art and science of dentistry AND our patients!

In fact, seeing how the work we do leads to healthy smiles and happy people is the best. We love our patients because we get to know them over the course of years. We get to celebrate kindergarten graduations and weddings. We get to see a child grow up into a young adult who, not long after that, leaves for college. We’re there for the parents who drive those littles to their appointments and who end up waving good-bye as they head off for college. This is all part of the work and we love it!

Our Patients Are Part of the Magic Smiles Family

Our patients end up a part of the family we have cultivated here at Magic Smiles. We want to make sure that our family is taken care of just as if our own mothers were in the dentist’s chair. We want all of our patients to look forward to coming in for an appointment because of the way we treat them and care for their needs whether it’s a dental procedure or touch of anxiety.

We wouldn’t be able to do what we love without the people we love – our patients. As it stands, we feel like we’ve got the best job in the whole world with so much to look forward to.

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