It takes a really special person to work here at Magic Smiles Dentistry. . .

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Dr. Jen


Dr. Jen received her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Oregon Health Sciences University (DMD). Prior to attending dental school, Dr. Jen worked as a registered dental hygienist. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in dental hygiene from Northern Arizona University. Because of her love of children, Dr. Jen has chosen to focus in dentistry for children and young adults. She is a member of the American Dental Association, the California Dental Association, the Sacramento District Dental Society, the California Society of Pediatric Dentistry, and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Dr. Jen lives in Rescue with her husband David, their two children Reed and Veronica, and their labradoodle Oscar. In her spare time she competes in triathlons. She is a member of the Ashton Price Triathlon team. Her favorite distance is the Ironman which is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run.

Dr. Jen is committed to providing the very best care for her young patients in a warm, caring and friendly environment. She strives to make each dental visit a positive and fun experience!

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Front Office | Patient Coordinator | Social Media Manager

Tell us about your family!
I have been with my husband for over 15 years and we have a wonderful daughter who is exploring a career in the medical field. We have a busy house with 3 dogs and a cat!

What is your favorite movie?
I have two: Finding Nemo - because Dory is amazing - and Napoleon Dynamite because it's hilarious and heartwarming at the same time.

Do you have a nickname?
My childhood nickname is Dedos, but here at work I was given the nickname Gracie Bear by Estelle!

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Estelle Tansey

Financial Coordinator

Where are you from? Sacramento, CA

Tell us about your family: I have one son — active duty US Army Medical Corps.

What most inspires you? A beautiful day. Because they’re finite treasures.

What's your favorite holiday, and why? Christmas! I love baking with my kids and being around family.

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Treatment Coordinator

Tell us about your family. I am married and have two wonderful children

What's your favorite holiday? Why? Halloween! The candy, silly decorations and the scares!

What do you love about your job? I love working with children and helping them achieve healthy smiles!

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Crystal Bell


Tell us about your family. I've been married for 22 years and have a daughter who is 21. I enjoy hanging out with family, cooking and boating.

What sports do you love to watch? Why? I enjoy watching football with my family and cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers

If you could choose anywhere to go on vacation, for free, where would it be? Why? I would go to Bora Bora. It's on my bucket list. Just beautiful!

What do you love about your job? Why? I love working with kids and making their dental experience a great one.

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Ashley Taylor


Do you have kids? I’m married, and we have one beautiful daughter who is 2 years old. We also have a Great Dane named Marley and a Boxer named Mia.
What TV show are you most likely to binge watch? This is embarrassing, but probably Teen Mom! I don't know why I love that show so much.
What's your nickname? Ash-Moo (Thanks, Mom!)
Where's the best place to eat around here? In Sutter Creek, I love Element, and in Eldorado Hills, I love Mimosa House. Because brunch is life!
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Theresa Layton

Lead RDA

What's your family like?I married my high school sweetheart, and we have a pretty cool three year old boy who runs the show.
Which TV show are you most likely to binge watch? The Office! I watch it every night before bed. Micheal Scott’s awkwardness calms me, ha!
In the story of your life, which Hollywood actor would play you? Tina Fey, because she is my spirit animal!
Do you have any strange phobias or fears? My husband says he would rather wrestle an alligator than give me eye drops... so I guess you could say I’m scared of my eyes.
What do you love about your job?I love being a part of making a child’s dental experience positive and possible. When a child walks in so scared the parent doesn’t think we can get anything done, and I am able to turn it around with our bag of tricks and fairy dust, and they walk out with their prize so proud of themselves for getting their teeth brushed. That makes my job special.
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Tell us about your family. I am a dog mom of my 10-year-old son JD!

What do you love about your job? Why? I love getting to build a relationship with all the kids, they are so fun!

What are your pet peeves? Why? I don't like when people bite their silverware, the noise gives me the chills!

Are you a morning person? Heck no!!! Way more of a night owl!

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Dental Assistant

Where are you from?
Canby, Oregon. I lived there my whole life until I moved here recently.

What is your favorite sport?
I love basketball, go trailblazers!

What do you love about your job?
Ever since I was young - I knew I wanted to work in the dental field! As a kid I was abnormally excited for all my dental visits - I had good experiences and wanted to give that to other kids as well. Making sure the patients are comfortable during their visit and connecting with the kiddos is so fun & rewarding!

What is a fun fact about you?
I am the youngest of 9 siblings!

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Tell us about your family!
Married for 5 years to my amazing, loving husband, Luis. We have 2 cats who are also our fur babies: Bella & Oliver.

What TV shows are you most likely to binge-watch?
Grey’s Anatomy or One Tree Hill.. No questions asked

If you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be and why?
I would be a coffee maker. I can’t live without coffee in the mornings.

In the story of your life, which Hollywood actress would play you?
Selena Gomez!

“. . . They have to love children, love being a little silly, and be able to provide that extra TLC that our kids need and want.”


— Dr. Jen

Ever wondered if your kids could actually love visiting the dentist? We Have Fun in El Dorado Hills!

We joke around that there’s a little extra fairy dust in the air here at Magic Smiles. We work hard to make going to the dentist a magical experience for the kids — but it’s also true for us! It’s an amazing thing to be able to make a child laugh who’s a little fearful at the dentist, or just hold their hand if they need a little extra TLC.

It takes a special kind of person to work at Magic Smiles. They have to love kids, love being a little silly, and also be able to provide that extra TLC that our kids need and want from us.

This group is so much fun to be around. We laugh all day long! We believe it’s important to get the job done and have a good time while we do it.

The Secret Behind all the Magic and Fairy Dust Is Our Dental Team!

Because we’re parents first, we really, truly treat every child as if they were our own. We know what it’s like to have your child in the chair for the first time. It can cause a little anxiety for the child and for the parent. We’ve been there with our own children, so we understand, and we’re here for you!

We can’t wait to meet you!