Five Things That Will Help You Relax

The last few weeks are something we have never experienced before in our lives. Adjusting to a new schedule in a new way of living at home can be exhilarating, but also stressful. It gets even more stressful when you add other people into the mix like a kid or four and a spouse. You have to find ways to keep your wits about you during this quarantine, so we have come up with some suggestions that will help you keep your mental health up.

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1. Make a game out of your schedule.

You really do need a schedule otherwise you’re going to find yourself in the same pajama pants for the third day in a row and have no idea what day of the week it is. This especially becomes dangerous if you’re also trying to work from home. By setting a schedule you can create a game of accomplishing tasks and at the end of the day, you can reward yourself for the tasks you have completed with chocolate. Or wine. Lots of wine.

2. Start a reading club.

By now you have probably become an expert at Zoom or Google hangouts. Use the group video feature to invite some friends to read a book together and discuss it once a week over video chat. This will give you the opportunity to read that book you haven’t read but want to and have some social interaction with other people.

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3. Take a virtual dance class.

Really any kind of exercise would be great while you are stuck indoors, but a dance class is a fun way to learn something new and stay active at the same time. There are a variety of classes like ballet and tap you could try. If you can persuade your spouse to join you you could also learn some ballroom dancing or how to salsa dance.

4. Renovate or rearrange a room in your house.

Maybe you have wanted to move the furniture in your bedroom or a guest bedroom, or the living room. Now is the time. Especially if you have children and a spouse that can help you move the heavy things. Updating the look of a room will not only give you a sense of accomplishment but will also be an enjoyable distraction.

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5. Binge a television show.

There is probably at least one series on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon prime that you have been meaning to watch. In the evenings once the kids are in bed this would be a great time for you to finish or start one of those shows that you have been wanting to see. Make a list of the ones that you were most interested in and start with your favorite and work your way down. Hopefully, you won’t get through more than two before things go back to normal.

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